IX Workshop de Editoração Científica


The Brazilian Association of Scientific Editors (in Portuguese, ABEC Brasil) is proud to invite scientific editors and all related professionals to participate in the IX Workshop of Scientific Editing (Workshop de Editoração Científica) to be held at Hotel Fonte Colina Verde in São Pedro, São Paulo State, on 6 th -10 th November 2016.

The event theme, DIGITAL CULTURE ON INTEGRATION AND INNOVATION OF SCIENTIFIC PUBLISHING, is based on Manuel Castells’ concepts¹ that perfectly show six processes of scientific publication: (1) ability to communicate or merge any product based on a digital language; (2) ability to communicate from the local to the global in real time and vice versa, diluting the process of interaction; (3) the existence of multiple modes of communication; (4) interconnection of all data bases digitalized networks or the achievement of Nelson’s hypertext dream with the storage and retrieving data system called “Xanadu” in 1965; (5) ability to reconfigure the information creating a new direction in the different layers of communication processes; and (6) gradual constitution of the collective mind by networking through a set of brains without any limit.

The program is committed to building a high-level event in order to offer to the participants the basic concepts through the short courses and various spaces for meetings with experts, being possible to make quick questions in the Editorial Talks sessions, as well as discussions on the edge of publishing and the current challenges of scientific publications worldwide.

In addition to short courses, lectures and round tables, we programmed a Forum with working groups organized by Brazilian regions to discuss and identify the local challenges. At the end, the groups may define actions to implement regional representations, facilitating the dialogue with institutions of interest such as CNPq, CAPES, SciELO, among others.

There will be also a poster session and a space dedicated to the portals of journals to share experiences and strengthen implemented initiatives. We also highlight the opportunity to enroll and/or meet the requirements for the ProCPC (certification program in scientific publishing), organized in partnership with the Council of Science Editors (CSE), which aims to consolidate the professionalization of Brazilian publishers.