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Webinar Invitation – Gender bias in academic publishing


Unconscious gender bias in academia can have a real impact on women’s careers. Whether it’s obtaining a job or publishing a paper, quick judgments made subconsciously by reviewers can have very tangible consequences. In this webinar, you’ll learn the ins and outs of identifying and avoiding the pitfalls of gender bias. You’ll come away with clear evidence of the influence of unconscious bias in peer review, and hear about some of the recent efforts by publishers to reduce it, making the publishing process fairer and more equitable for all.


11 May 2–3 pm BST / 3–4 pm CEST / 9–10 am EDT

How to join

To engage in a deeper discussion on this topic and ask questions to the experts, be sure join the Mendeley group for this webinar.

Click here to join this event.

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