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10 of the most read stories from Reviewers’ Update in 2015.
In case you missed them, check out the most popular stories that have been read by your peers in the past 12 months.

1) How to become a reviewer
Useful tips for authors wanting to take the next step
(Although this was posted in 2012, it was still widely read in 2015)

2) Elsevier editors share their top reviewing tips – Part 3
In the third article in this series, we learn about the anatomy of a good review repor
(See below for parts 1 and 2)

3) More recognition for reviewers
Reviewers can now list all their review history in one place regardless of publisher

4) Elsevier editors share their top reviewing tips – Part 1
In this 3-part series, seasoned editors highlight the ingredients required for a “great review”

5) 4 ways to win an editor’s heart
Do reviewers have more influence when they come to publishing themselves?

6) Introducing Heliyon – Elsevier’s new broad scope, open access journal
The journal is being developed in close collaboration with the academic community – in this article we chart the progress to date

7) My EES Hub now available on the Elsevier Editorial System
Whether you are an author, reviewer, editor (or all three) you now only need to log in once to access all the functions in EES
(Although this was posted in 2014, it was still widely read in 2015)

8) Peer review: how exactly do I do that?
Researcher Melissa Burke reflects on her experiences at a recent Sense About Science workshop on the topic

9) Elsevier editors share their top reviewing tips – Part 2
Why you should take your time when reviewing, and how your review can help to improve the quality of research in your field

10) To read or not to read?
New Scopus Article Metrics can help you decide

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