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International Congress on Peer Review and Scientific Publication

The aim is to encourage research into the quality and credibility of peer review and scientific publication, to establish the evidence base on which scientists can improve the conduct, reporting, and dissemination of scientific research.

Registration for the Congress is now open!

Why Attend? Take part in this one-of-a-kind meeting during which original research is presented on all aspects of editorial and funding peer review, scientific and scholarly publication, research and reporting practices, reproducibility and access, and information exchange. Equal opportunity for audience participation will follow each research presentation.

Who Should Attend? Editors and publishers of scientific peer-reviewed journals, researchers, funders, informatics experts, information innovators, librarians, journalists, policymakers, ethicists, scientific information producers and disseminators, and anyone interested in the progress of the scientific information enterprise and the quality of scientific information, covering a wide range of disciplines, including biomedicine, health science, applied science, basic science, physical science, and social science.

Additional information about the Peer Review Congress and hotel reservations is available here.

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