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Springer Nature Webinars

How effective writing can boost the chances of getting your scientific article published
Speaker: Valtencir Zucolotto

In addition to cutting-edge, bold and innovative research, publishing an article in a major scientific journal also requires the ability to transform scientific information into highly effective, high-impact text. For many researchers – especially postdocs and postgraduates – scientific writing in a foreign language still represents a major obstacle to their full scientific development. In addition to linguistic limitations, errors and weaknesses related to the structure of the text may also contribute to a manuscript being rejected. In this seminar, we will address the most relevant topics in scientific writing and discuss strategies to minimize the chances of immediate rejection, putting us in the role of the scientific editor.

August 23rd, 2017
3 PM (Brasilia | BRT)
1 PM (Bogota | COT)
1 PM (Mexico City | CDT)

The presentation will be in Portuguese.
Room capacity is restricted to 500 participants. To make sure that you will be able to connect, please log in a few minutes before the start of the session.

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