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The nuts & bolts of Peer Review: a discussion by Biomaterials Editors

Join the Editors Professors Abhay Pandit and Hanry Yu for a discussion on why & how to be a referee and outstanding challenges in Peer Review.

Peer Review is the improvement process by which research is evaluated for quality and significance to a field. Expert referees provide their feedback on how scientific stories advance that field and often how research impacts society at large. Like for any art, the ability to write a good review requires practice and as well as support. In a live webinar supported by Publishing Campus and Mendeley, Editors for Biomaterials Professors Abhay Pandit and Hanry Yu will share their first-hand experience with Peer Review. Through the Editor’s lens, they will touch on their first time reviewing experience, provide tips on how to review and reviewers expectations and a glance at improvements to Peer Review.

Topics covered will include:

  • The role of Peer Review in advancing science
  • What Peer Review means for researchers: motivations to review and skills to be learned
  • What is a good review (and how can authors learn to write better from it)
  • The future of peer review: reproducibility and transparency
  • The webinar will end with a live Question and Answer session where you are welcome to query the presenters on these topics.

Would you like to post your pressing questions to the editors ahead of the webinar or continue the conversation afterwards? This event has an associated group on Mendeley. Join the discussion by emailing Community Manager Sophie de Koning at

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