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Springer Nature Webinar

Springer Nature Webinar: Mudando concepções de originalidade em publicação científica – questões para autores

Perceptions of first exposure, originality and redundancy in the publishing realm seem to be changing with the current dynamics of communicating science. In this environment, where establishing priority is still seen as important scientific capital, authors may be reluctant to share important ideas at conferences, for example, avoiding first exposure of research material in conference proceedings. What defines responsible authorship and ethical publication practices in such an environment? The answer does not seem to be clear cut, as we often come across conflicting editorial views on originality and redundancy for research papers. This webinar offers a perspective on this publishing issue, considering different notions of questionable publication practices.

May 16th, 2017
3 PM (Brasilia | BRT)
1 PM (Bogota | COT)
1 PM (Mexico City | CDT)

The presentation will be in Portuguese.
Room capacity is restricted to 500 participants. To make sure that you will be able to connect, please log in a few minutes before the start of the session.

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